Browhaus Brow Resurrection Review [PROMO CODE]

Semi-permanent Brow Resurrection Review @ Browhaus, Plaza Singapura

Who else has always considered eyebrow embroidery, but feared it might be too painful or unnatural?

After coming across a few reviews about how Browhaus’ Brow Resurrection turned out, I decided to give this trusted brand a try.

photo6219607923512944569Perfect brows every time – from waking up to swimming or when I’m simply too lazy to put on any makeup.



The whole procedure took about 1.5 hours, as I was guided step-by-step by my brow specialist, Tody.

1. Consultation & Shaping (30 mins) –  Define my ideal brows in terms of thickness, arch, and volume.

I liked thick brows – so I asked for it to be fuller, longer, and with a low arch. I also found it helpful to bring some photos beforehand. According to my specifications, Tody then shaped my brows and penciled it in, to give me an idea of how they’d turn out.

Although I trust she would make it look as natural as possible, this was also my time to make sure everything was just the way I liked it. So at this point in time, I made sure to check if they was even, and also suggested a few minor adjustments until I was satisfied with the shape.


2. Numbing cream (20 mins) – Topical anesthetic to numb the area and prevent from bleeding.

Next, Tody applied a numbing cream, and covered the area with a plastic strip. I could feel the area getting slightly cool and tingling. After a 20 mins’ wait, she removed the plastic and it was time to begin the embroidery.


3. Brow Resurrection (30 – 40 mins) – Dye & Brow needle pen.

For the dye, I had the choice between brown or gray. As I didn’t want to lean either way, Tody did a mixture of both. She then showed me the brow pen that she was about to use, which looked like a paintbrush with a single row of ultra-fine needles.

Finally, to answer that burning question – Although I could feel and hear it lightly scratching against my skin, it honestly didn’t hurt much! The only time it did was towards the end of my first brow, which had me worried that the aesthetic could be wearing off as I could start to feel the strokes getting sharper. But after gently prompting it to Tody, I felt her ease up on the strokes. Before long, I was fast asleep and stirred awake only towards the end of the procedure (Tody even asked if I fell asleep and hahahaha I just hope I didn’t snore to give it away).



Finally, I was given an aftercare kit – or Camera kit – which comes free of charge, to use for the next 2 weeks. This involves using a cotton bud daily to apply a drop of BUILD and a swab of FIX during the day, while mixing them in the dish for application at night.

I was warned that my brows might feel itchy as the scabs start to peel, and was told to resist scratching at it. I was also advised to avoid any facials, hot sauna or activities that will cause excessive sweating in the next 2 weeks.

In my case, it didn’t start to bleed or peel drastically but it definitely did itch for the first 2 weeks, which I countered by pressing at it instead of scratching. I was also glad that there was no downtime at all or redness immediately after the procedure!

Lastly, I was also told to schedule my first touch-up within 3 months, and subsequent touch-ups every 4 to 5 months to make them last longer. It’s been 2 months now, and I’ll probably be scheduling my touch-up soon, as it’s started to fade slightly – especially towards the ends – even though the shape is still intact. Happy to keep you all updated after! 🙂




  1. How long will it last? Brow Resurrection is a semi-permanent makeup solution that can last up to 2 years, depending on how you take care.
  2. Are there any after effects? After treatment effects varies with every individual. Post-treatment, there might be slight swelling and tenderness on the treated area. Don’t immediately freak out if you think the colour of your brows are too dark after the treatment – the colour is meant to fade over the next 6 to 10 days, leaving you with the desired shade that you initially agreed on with your therapist.

For more information, head over to

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That’s it! Hope this helped you in your decisions.


Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them!


Plaza Singapura,
Tel: +65 6332 0250

5 thoughts on “Browhaus Brow Resurrection Review [PROMO CODE]

  1. Hi heytheredreamer, Can you share the name of your therapist? Mine has left and I’m looking for another good therapists in Browhaus.


  2. Hi there !! I just did my brows at browhaus yesterday and they look horrid !! Like horrid !! It’s thick and straight !! I saw that you didn’t have any downtime at all ! But I barely can leave home ! Did the color came off ? The therapist that did mine kept telling me she has been doing this for 20 years and I should only do define and in black cos I barely have any brows but now I only have two rectangle blocks on my face ! Scary !!! I don’t know what to do


    1. Hi Joanna! That’s really unfortunate to hear 😦 It honestly didn’t hurt and I walked out without any downtime at all. The colour definitely faded with time, so not to worry. Normally, a touch-up is required but perhaps you won’t need to and just let it fade naturally with time. I had mine in a mix of brown and black, perhaps that’s why the colour wasn’t as strong. I’d suggest to keep using their aftercare kit in the meantime, especially the BUILD that comes with a dropper. Thanks for sharing and keep us updated on how it goes, as I’m sure many would be interested to know! – Steph.


    2. Hi Joanna, do your brows look better now? I did mine at Browhaus last Fri and mine is horrid too! They are super dark and harsh and my brows look like they are drawn on using a marker pen. The brow specialist said that was the lightest she could go coz any lighter and they end up looking blonde. Let me know. Thanks!


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