My TransPRK epi-LASIK Experience With ClearVision – Part I [PROMO CODE]


I first started wearing glasses at the age of 10, before being introduced to soft contact lenses when I was 13. However, they’ve always been uncomfortably dry, especially during windy days.


At 16, I found out about Ortho-K lenses, which are gas-permeable hard lenses worn every night to reshape the cornea for a day. Although I won’t have to wear glasses or lenses, it came at quite a cost: $1000 for the first consultation, and $500 per subsequent single lens which had to be changed every 3 to 4 years.

It was only after last year, when I accidentally tore my right cornea and was hospitalised for 4 days with scarring, that I finally decided all these temporary solutions available in the market – glasses, soft and hard contact lenses – weren’t good enough!

Imagine waking up with perfectly clear vision, anywhere in the world and at any time of the day! No more fussing to remember to take out your contact lenses when you get home on late nights, carry spare contact lens cases, or buy travel-friendly bottles of eye solution when flying abroad. I calculated the cost spent on constantly purchasing or changing your glasses and contact lenses, and it easily added up to thousands of dollars in a few years.

No wonder everyone claims lasik to be one of their best decisions ever!

About TransPRK Lasik & ClearVision Eye Clinic

DSC01169TransPRK is SO different from the traditional cut-and-flap operation (known as lasik), and even Epi-LASIK (an older surface-based method that uses a vibrating ultrasonic tissue separator to remove your epithelium cells, before the excimer laser ablates the cornea).

Dr Ho pioneered the Epi-LASIK procedure back in 2004, and Clearvision has been providing Epi-LASIK until 2014. After which, ClearVision upgraded their excimer laser to the Schwind Amaris 1050RS in 2014, and this is the technology that makes TransPRK possible. With the Schwind Amaris 1050RS, surgery duration is cut down significantly as all the patient needs to do is to fixate on its laser (the green blinking light).

TransPRK doesn’t cut the cornea, so you don’t have to worry about flap-related complications such as flap inflammation or dislodgement that comes with Lasik.

TransPRK is an all-laser, no-touch and one-step procedure that only takes 20 – 40 seconds per eye. Whew!

GCP_7899GCP_7896When it comes to something this life-changing, I had to be assured that the clinic was reputable and experienced. Due to the many benefits of TransPRK, Clearvision Eye Clinic & Lasik Centre started specialising only in TransPRK and stopped doing the cut-and-flap LASIK altogether.

DSC01082Dr. Tony Ho (who established Clearvision Eye Clinic in 2001) is well experienced and has operated on many including Andrea Chong, Jemma Wei and Christabel Chua. It’s good to know that he is definitely someone I can trust!


To make sure I was a suitable candidate for TransPRK, I made an appointment and set aside 2 to 3 hours for evaluation.

I had to stop wearing soft contact lenses for 2 days (and 10 days for hard lenses) to ensure accurate results.

DSC01129DSC01105The whole process was painless, as all I had to do was sit through 5 to 6 machines to check my degree, corneal thickness, curvature and pressure. Each machine took about a minute each, and the optometrists were very friendly in instructing me when to keep my eyes open during the scans. After which, I had a typical eye examination to check my degree and astigmatism before watching a slideshow regarding the TransPRK procedure that I was going for.

DSC01075Lastly, I walked over to Dr. Tony Ho’s clinic (#03-08 at Mount Elizabeth Hospital) to check my overall cornea health and for any eye diseases.

I was relieved to find that my scarring was not a problem for the surgery. However, I was strongly advised to get Lasik Xtra – a yellow vitamin B2 eye drop reinforced through UVA light – to strengthen the cornea structure of my right eye.

At the end of the evaluation, I was reassured that the procedures are very detailed and I was glad that I could ask all my questions about the procedure.

DSC01086I’ll be writing about the surgery day itself and the recovery process in the next post! If you’re already interested in a consultation, you can book an appointment by calling +65 6100 2020 or visiting their website here!


Quote my name to get $120 off your TransPRK procedure!


Clearvision Eye Clinic & LASIK Centre

6 Nutmeg Road

Singapore 228337

(Behind Paragon Shopping Centre, Orchard Road)

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