Before And After: Eyelash Extensions For 3 Months | Tina’s Beauty Singapore Review

About my eyelash extensions from Tina’s Beauty:

(FAQ at the end of the post.)

photo6111842306383521762Have you ever wished you could walk out of the house with a bare face, yet look like you’ve spent some time putting on your makeup? The holy grail lies in semi-permanent makeup. Previously, I’ve written about getting Lasik and eyebrow embroidery done to save time and effort on a daily basis. Now, the next game-changer that will last you up to a month – eyelash extensions.

First month


The process… To begin, I sent some photos over so that Tina (my beautician) could recommend me the most suitable lashes. She was very detailed in helping me clean my eyelashes, including giving eyedrops (something other salons had never done before), before taping my upper eyelids to fan out my lashes. There was also an undereye patch for my natural lashes to rest on, as she assesses my lashes and tells me my overall condition.

Lashes… Tina explained to me that the 5D Camellia Eyelash meant there’s 5 strands of these super thin extensions wrapping around 1 natural lash. This technique will give the fullest look possible, yet natural-looking.

Duration… The whole process took a lot longer than previous places, meaning she was very detailed in her work. Here, it took about 2 hours and 20 – 30 minutes for removal.

First Experience… Tina was very friendly the moment I met her – always making sure that I’m comfortable, and letting me know that I can sleep if I wanted to (and I did after a long day at work).

Here are the ‘Before & After’ shots taken by Tina photo6111842306383521781photo6111842306383521779photo6111842306383521760

Overall… I was very impressed by the effort she puts into her work, and for Tina’s detailed explanation of how it works so that I understood my own lashes. Although dramatic, the eyelashes were also very natural-looking! They were also soft enough for me to still press my face into the towel (something I missed as my previous lashes were so stiff).

Second month

During the month… Did a one-time touch-up in 3 weeks, and it lasted for another 3 weeks after that.

The process… Did a removal (great to see my natural lashes were still the same – see photo below!) before applying a new set of lashes.

Experience… Tina explained how she leaves a 1mm gap from the root of the lash so that it doesn’t prevent the growth of the eyelash (which has about a 1-month cycle). She explained to me that one of my inner eyelashes (right side) was a baby hair, and wasn’t strong enough to hold the extension (hence the droop in the 3rd photo). However, it will grow out in time and be strong enough to hold an extension during the next touch-up.


Third month

Lashes… For the third month, I decided to try out the 4D Russian in C and D curls (see picture below). I found it was more dramatic and structured as compared to the previous 5D Camellia lashes.

Experience… After 3 sets of eyelashes, including 2 touch-ups in-between, it was time for my final removal after 3 months.


Overall Thoughts… I’m so glad that it’s been such a positive experience! I’ve received such great feedback and inquiries regarding where I got them done. I’m a true supporter for home salons as well, as home-based beauticians are often more dedicated and passionate about their service. Most of all, I’m happy to report that Tina’s eyelash extensions didn’t harm my natural lash growth at all – and I’d be happy to go back again!


  • Service: Prompt reply and reminder via text; Accommodating to working schedules (Weekdays after 7pm); Is passionate and explains her work; Before and Aftercare
  • Quality of product: No itch or pain; lashes are soft to touch (Yes – you can press the towel to your face!); Natural-looking; Does not damage real lashes


  • Location – Pasir Ris (More suitable for Easties / flight attendants)

Overall rating: 9/10

“Tina was the first salon to provide both before and after care when it comes to my lashes, explaining how they grow and giving 110% in what she does! She is so patient and friendly, and the environment was so relaxing during the service that I fell asleep. I love the dramatic effect of my lashes, yet still so natural-looking! Thanks Tina for taking care of my lashes!! 


  • Does it hurt? Nope! The lashes might be slightly heavy and uncomfortable for first-timers who are not used to its weight, but it’s definitely not a painful process. The application was so comfortable, that I always fall asleep throughout!

  • Can I wear makeup with eyelash extensions? I wouldn’t suggest using eyeliner (I went without it for 3 months!) as you may cause more lashes to fall when you try to remove it. Other than that, I just use eyeshadow.
  • Will my natural lashes get damaged? Not if it’s applied properly! Tina has shown me cases of quick jobs by other salons, where their natural lashes were stuck together, causing their eyes to itch and prevents future eyelash growth.
  • How long can I wear eyelash extensions? If done correctly, I’d almost say indefinitely!
  • How much is it? Book and check out more of Tina’s prices via Vanitee. She also provides other services such as facials, threading, haircuts and hair removal.

Tina’s Beauty: 
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(Blocked out dates: PH & 2 weeks before Chinese New Year)

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